My BMI is high with no sign I can ever get it lower. My blood pressure is on the border of being high, and I don’t have confidence I’ll be able to keep it in check. I should exercise more but it’s hard and I don’t like doing it. When I do get in the habit of at least walking every day, I want to quit because the results take years, not days.

I long for more simplicity but instead take the path of least resistance. I’d be happier with so much less, but seem to always seek more. Was life better when the power was out for four days?

I get mad at myself for never starting on an idea, and get mad at myself when I finish something that could’ve been so much more.

It’s not even noon and I’m ready to write off this day to the sads. But, my six-year-old wants to give me a hug, and that’s pretty nice.