Councilperson Hilbert,

I’m extremely disappointed to see that you introduced ORD. 2018-194, prohibiting bike lanes on Brook Road. This goes against the city’s Bicycle Master Plan and the Complete Streets and Vision Zero ordinances. I’m a multi-modal Richmonder. I walk, drive a car, bicycle, and ride the bus. The Brook Road bike lanes are a vital part of the plan to help me (and Northside constituents like me) access the city with less chance of being killed by a car. I would tell you this in person at your meeting tonight, but I’ll be participating in a city-wide bicycling event with my children.

I assume you’re acting in good faith in what you think is the best interest of all your constituents, so you must have incorrect data influencing your decision. The idea that Brook Road is overwhelmed with automobile traffic is absurd to anyone who has used it. I encourage you to walk or bicycle this area and see for yourself.

I recall a similar resolution of yours 10 years ago that ran counter to the facts at hand and contradicted the previously agreed to plans of the city—when you prohibited construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Hermitage and Laburnum. At the time, you said that something needed to be done with the intersection, but the roundabout wasn’t the answer. You promised to do that something. It’s been ten years, the intersection is unchanged, and I’ve heard of you taking no effort to keep your promise.

I sincerely hope you have a change of heart regarding ORD. 2018-194 and withdraw your support. With the utmost respect, if you move forward with this you will have lost any remaining faith I had in you to do the right thing for all your constituents. Not only will you lose any future vote from me, but I will feel obliged to spend considerable time, money, and effort so that you not win the office you presently hold again.

Ten years ago, you proudly stated that you were from the “show me” state and that you needed someone to “show you” the benefit of a roundabout before you would allow its construction. Today, I need you to “show me” that you’ve learned how to better listen to your constituents over a decade of service.

Your constituent,

Sam Davies