I asked my friend Jeff today, “what would happen if I turned off the Internet to my computer for an hour?”

“Probably very little,” he said.

In thinking about what stops me from feeling like I’m passing my time in a deliberate fashion, I noticed just how much twitchiness there is in my habits. Sometimes, my brain hits command-L and types “daringfireball.net” when I’m already at daringfireball.net. Sometimes I play Battleships for an hour.

So I’m looking for more ways I can treat internet access like a faucet that I can adjust the flow of, rather than a faulty sprinkler system that constantly sprays water everywhere.

An example: I wrote this little post with the wifi off, then turned it back on when it was time to hit “Publish”. It’s a little thing, but these are the things I’m trying. I’ll let you know as I think of more.