The morning started out pretty good. I ordered a brand new iPad Pro.

I’ve been saving up money for quite a while to get a new iPad. An iPad is my computer of choice, and it was time to upgrade my trusty, but now venerable iPad Air 2.

I had enough saved in the autumn of 2019, but Apple didn’t release new iPad Pros then. When Black Friday came around, there were some pretty damn good deals on the seventh generation iPad so I used a little of my fund to buy a tide-me-over iPad, figuring I’d have time to save up the difference before March. I did.

So next week (hopefully) I’ll have a new toy to play with and maybe they’ll be some trickle down devices in my family.

I’ve reached the saturation point with the News. Instead of a constant, twitchy check in, I found myself checking in the morning, around lunch, and the late afternoon. I’ve got my orders to stay home (mostly) and that’s what I’m gonna do.

After work on a whim, I decided to sweep cobwebs out of my garage. It’s a task that will never, ever be done but I found myself doing it anyway. I did it for awhile, then got bored and sat in a chair outside. I listened to the birds around me and thought about the book How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell. Time definitely feels like it’s slowing down, but I’m aware that it could dramatically speed up at any moment without warning.