So you want to buy me something expensive?

These are things I wouldn’t buy for myself because I don’t need them, but I want them. They are also things I’d never ask for because they are too expensive to give as a gift. Last updated December 6th, 2021

Phone Stuff


Watch stuff

iPad stuff

iMacs are pretty

  • I don’t even have a place to put it but the purple M1 iMac with 16 GB of RAM, 2 TB of storage, Magic Trackpad + Magic Mouse is gorgeous.


  • I have a Kindle Paperwhite that works fine, but I’d love to give this Kobo Libra 2 in black a try and break free a little bit from Amazon lock-in.



  • I’d like to play around with this Purism Librem 14 laptop. I play around with Linux every so often but have never lived in it for more than a couple hours. I’d like to experiment.