• Anyone know where I can hire a good costumer by the hour?

  • At age 41 it just now occurred to me that “there’s a sucker born every minute” is a pun.

  • In the rain the pavement shines like silver.

  • When I was twelve I strongly encouraged my family to see Jurassic Park as our beach movie. Showed it to my kids today on movie night. ❤️

  • For the first time in forever I get to take the bus this morning. I miss it.

  • When did “ask“ become a noun?

  • Why isn’t there a Final Fantasy VI series on Nethuluprime+ yet?

  • In September of the year 2021 CE, I, Sam Davies, realized that the phrase “let it be” has more than one meaning.

  • My kid loving Björk is the best.

  • One of R.E.M.‘s great secret weapons is six eight time.

  • I don’t understand how potlucks are still a thing now that pizza exists.

  • Future Me gets a treat as Nightswimming is next up on the car’s CD player.

  • 🎵 You only see him when you’re very young, a magical adventure for you! 🎵

  • You’d think we’d see a lot more things with “Not a Baby Wipe” stickers on them.

  • What if my brain is perfectly healthy, but the world it finds itself in is wrong?

  • A watched pot never boils especially if you forget to turn on the heat for 20 minutes.

  • If I’m moving “forward” in time, I’m going to the future, “backward” I’m going to the past.

    If I move a meeting “forward” one hour, I’m rescheduling it for earlier in the day, “backward” one hour is later in the day.


  • I’ve never seen The Treasure of the Sierra Madre but I have seen Troop Beverly Hills and they reference it so I’m probably OK.

  • Portrait of a man in his garage office.

  • Dearest trees,

    Please stop trying to pollenate my laptop. It is incapable of making a baby tree with you.



  • Yogurt lid sparkles

  • I love the Touch Bar.

  • I’m starting to think that eating too much pizza might be bad for me.

  • A reminder for every day including St. Patrick’s Day: do not touch people based on their clothing choices.

  • Still mad about Toadette being anti-union.

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