• That every real estate listing doesn’t contain a floor plan is MADNESS.

  • Finished reading: The Internet Con by Cory Doctorow 📚

  • Finished reading: Pattern Recognition by William Gibson 📚

  • Finished reading: Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros 📚

  • Finished reading: The Lost Cause by Cory Doctorow 📚

  • Finished reading: The Power by Naomi Alderman 📚

  • I’m grateful that, due to the results of the election in Virginia yesterday, I have a one year reprieve on having to worry about whether my trans kid’s necessary healthcare will remain legal.

    I’m angry that anyone’s basic humanity is ever on the ballot.

  • There are parts of Virginia that are further west than the westernmost part of West Virginia.

  • 🤔 I wonder if there are doorbells without cameras that will talk to HomeKit.

    [searches internet]

    Guess my choices are:

    1. Give up and buy a $15 doorbell that talks to nothing, but actually works
    2. Buy, set-up, and maintain my own server; make that server talk to a button
    3. Surveil my neighbors with video
  • In order to get the technology product you actually want, you must first invent the universe.

  • When configuring arrangement of displays, why don’t operating systems put a little line on screen on either side of where the displays meet that you can line up?

    For decades, I’ve been playing the game where I

    1. Move the cursor across displays
    2. Tweak display alignment
    3. Repeat until close enough
  • Union Starbucks are the only Starbucks.

    Thank you coffee comrades for your service at 6 AM helping get my kid and me to the PSATs on time.

  • I think casinos are bad for everyone and hurt everyone so I voted “no” on a referendum to allow one in my city.

    Given the opportunity I’d also vote “no” on a referendum to allow a new cigarette factory, coal or nuclear power plant, or private prison.

    I respect any neighbors who may disagree with me.

  • Step 4 of the Absentee Voting Instructions sent to me by the City of Richmond Office of Elections says “You and your witness must both sign [Envelope B]”.

    Just called that office and was told that the above instruction is out of date and Envelope B doesn’t require a witness signature.

  • Micro.blog is one of my favorite web forums.

  • My kid saved up her money to buy an iPhone 15. It shouldn’t have required me to make a spreadsheet to figure out the best deal for her.

  • Different qualifying plans listed in the fine-print of the “Verizon iPhone 15 Special Deal” on Apple.com:

    • Unlimited Ultimate
    • Unlimited Plus
    • One Unlimited
    • 5G Get More
    • 5G Do More
    • 5G Play More
    • Unlimited Welcome
    • Welcome Unlimited
    • 5G Start
  • The preroll video on today’s Apple event looks like the kitty litter I buy.

  • Some of my fondest memories are when the Apple nerds at Virginia Tech would gather to watch news of the latest iMacs (G3). We’d apply in advance to get the university’s satellite dish pointed to Apple’s keynote broadcast and watch it on a big screen in a lecture hall.

  • It’s an established fact that 99.83 percent of all conversations about blockchain are nonconsensual.

    Cory Doctorow. The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation.

  • Currently reading: The Internet Con by Cory Doctorow 📚

  • Finished reading: Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald 📚

  • Some of my favorite people in the world think I’m a pretty OK guy. I must be doing something right and deserve to cut myself some slack.

  • Hazel and Cha Cha play with a toy

    Two kittens play with a cat toy. One is mid-air, trying to grab it. The other is on the ground waiting to pounce.
  • Allow me to introduce Hazel and Cha Cha, the two kittens who have been delighting our household for several weeks now.

    Two cute kittens cuddle together in a cat tree.

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