• I wish there was a “never call anyone ever” setting for Siri. My outbound phone calls are 5% legit and 95% “Hey Siri, remind me to talk to [person] about [thing]”

  • New Hades pins for my backpack!

    A pin of Megaera and a pin of Zagreus in their original packaging.Sam’s backpack, full of pins, with the two new pins added.

  • Wordle 594 X/6*


    Column of Doom

  • Wordle 590 X/6*


    Column of Death Wordles are my least favorite.

  • This webservice/Shortcut seems to work if you feed it a Micro.blog post URL too: sixcolors.com/post/2023…

  • Today was my day with the Wordle!

    Wordle 586 5/6*


  • Based on the deluge of emails my kid continues to receive, The College Board should rename its test the PSpAmT.

  • I’m a grownup and can put as much maple syrup in my yogurt as I want.

  • 9 years ago today. Building LEGO.

  • So I just click the embed button and I can see the fancy card thing? Neat.

    @mrbeefy It's based on Quotebacks. When you use the "Embed" link in Micro.blog on the web, it automatically creates one. (Planning to do more with this.)

  • Can’t Sleep. Parliamentary Procedure Will Eat Me.

    Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1789-1793 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1789:

    And a quorum, consisting of a majority of the whole number, being present, Resolved, That this House will proceed to the choice of a Speaker by ballot.

    An Act to regulate the Time and Manner of administering certain Oaths

    Chapter 1.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That at the first session of Congress after every general election of Representatives, the oath or affirmation aforesaid, shall be administered by any one member of the House of Representatives to the Speaker; and by him to all the members present, and to the clerk, previous to entering on any other business; and to the members who shall afterwards appear, previous to taking their seats. The President of the Senate for the time being, shall also administer To each Senator. the said oath or affirmation to each Senator who shall hereafter be elected, previous to his taking his seat: and in any future case of a President of the Senate, who shall not have taken the said oath or affirmation, the same shall be administered to him by any one of the members of the Senate.

    The very first House resolved to elect its own Speaker first; then it did so. Then, the first Congress passed a law that said oaths have to happen before any other business (implying that the business of electing a Speaker happens before that) but also in US v Ballin the Supreme Court held:

    The power to make rules is not one which once exercised is exhausted. It is a continuous power, always subject to be exercised by the house, and within the limitations suggested, absolute and beyond the challenge of any other body or tribunal.

    So, when it comes to their own rules, the House and Senate can pretty much do whatever they want, not being bound by previous versions of themselves.

    Hooray! Contradictions! Should the Oath act apply? Can the House do what it wants?

    I’m fascinated by how parliamentary bodies bootstrap things more or less from scratch each time.

  • Unless I’m missing something, the only rules a new House of Representatives is bound by are in Article I. Section 5 of the US Constitution.

    It can theoretically do whatever it wants if there’s a quorum.

  • VA Senator Amanda Chase probably doesn’t care that I think she is a bad person, but I think she is a bad person.

    Here’s the bill she pre-filed for the 2023 General Assembly to make trans kids second-class citizens: lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/l…

  • While I acknowledge the positives of an email/token login, it’s just enough friction that my neurodivergent brain chemistry will forget why I wanted to log in by the time I’m able to log in.

    It’s not so much the time it takes but the mode switching to “wait for email” and back.

  • CVS is very good at letting me know they’ve signed me out and less good at filling my prescription in a timely manner.

  • We should pay public school teachers at least 3x as much as we do now. Their job is harder and more important than most anyone else’s (including mine).

    I’ve lost count of the number of my kids’ educators that have left this school year.

  • I cut several corners to achieve this morning’s breakfast sandwich and coffee. Results were adequate. #YearOfAdequate

  • Today’s intention is to not be (nor appear to be) grumpy.

  • Currently reading: Oath of Fealty by Elizabeth Moon 📚

    Can’t finish rereading one Paksworld book without immediately starting the next one.

  • Merry Christmas you wonderful old Building and Open Web Microblogging Service!

  • If one were to construct a hell to torment me, a large portion of it would be me being on hold with CVS.

  • Solstice fire

  • I like the satisfying resistance of plunging down the aeropress.

  • Happy solstice!

    People who say your days can’t get any longer are wrong!

  • I like greek yogurt with a splash of maple syrup.

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