• TIL that “Lofi” and “Lo-fi” music exist and are different things.

  • There is no place in Target I can stand and wait for my teenagers to finish shopping and not be creepy.

  • I like a fully-armed and operational battle station.

  • I like the first spring day where it’s warm enough to take my morning tea on my patio.

  • Finished reading: The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older 📚

    Short but very good. I want to read more about this world and characters but didn’t feel like the story of this novel was missing anything.

  • Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Hades.

    A hand holding a mug of Earl Grey tea next to a white OLED Nintendo Switch playing Hades.
  • Of the orchestral arrangements of music from Final Fantasy VI, I could listen to Celes’s Aria from the Opera House scene DOUBLE all day.

  • Currently reading: The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older 📚

  • Currently reading: Saving Time by Jenny Odell 📚

  • 2007: A much younger me, a baby who is now a 16 year old, and Jelly the cat who passed away today.

    Sam holds an infant while a cat sits on the infant.
  • RIP Jelly the Cat. You were a great cat and I’m sad you are gone.

  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.

  • Some masterful writing from @waldoj@mastodon.social :

    [Governors] cannot escape the siren song of the vendors, and nobody warned them about the need for mast-lashing and beeswax.

  • Eight. Eight. I forget what eight was for…

  • Is this my old man shakes fist at cloud moment or did bags of potato chips used to be way easier to open without scissors?

  • Dearest WordleBot,

    You, of all bots, should know that words matter.

    There was only one possible solution left—and this wasn’t it. (XXXXX is a valid guess, but it’s unlikely to be a solution based on what I’ve learned from playing Wordle.)

    Just say “one likely solution left”!

  • I wish there was a “never call anyone ever” setting for Siri. My outbound phone calls are 5% legit and 95% “Hey Siri, remind me to talk to [person] about [thing]”

  • New Hades pins for my backpack!

    A pin of Megaera and a pin of Zagreus in their original packaging.Sam’s backpack, full of pins, with the two new pins added.

  • Wordle 594 X/6*


    Column of Doom

  • Wordle 590 X/6*


    Column of Death Wordles are my least favorite.

  • This webservice/Shortcut seems to work if you feed it a Micro.blog post URL too: sixcolors.com/post/2023…

  • Today was my day with the Wordle!

    Wordle 586 5/6*


  • Based on the deluge of emails my kid continues to receive, The College Board should rename its test the PSpAmT.

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