• Weekday baseball with this awesome kid.

  • I don’t see anything in the parenting literature that forbids me from paying one of my kids to clean out my Animal Crossing mailbox.

  • A Boy and His xServes. (2004, Blacksburg, VA)

  • Paper straws are a reminder that we all are mortal.

  • Technology Skills section from my child’s actively used 21 year old history textbook.

  • “The World’s End” was my pick for family movie night last night. The kids had no idea what they were watching.

    “Dad, is this movie just about a bunch of 40-year-old men drinking?”

    Then the bathroom scene happened.

  • Confession: I shut down my MacBook when I’m done with it instead of sleeping it.

  • Let those who toll out evil’s knell, beware my power: The F-Sharp Bell!

  • Recognizing the need for chat software that meets the specific needs of kids born in 2010, engineers in Redmond, WA have just announced the release of Microsoft Tweens.

  • If you couldn’t tell, I’m doing a lot of stuff with computers right now.

  • New t-shirt day!

  • My keys are missing. I can only assume my teenager travelled back in time to steal them as part of an elaborate scheme to pass their history final.

  • First GRTC ride in forever! I miss the bus.

  • Doing my annual re-read of one of my favorite books: The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin 📚

  • I have serious concerns about the inconsistencies in the US government quarantine and isolation protocols as displayed in E.T. the Extraterrestrial.

  • Link: How the Care Bears Prepped Us For A Post-Gender World

    How the Care Bears Prepped Us For A Post-Gender World. Koriander Bullard. 2016:

    Of all the Care Bear characters to change genders, not one was ever asked about their faith, not one was threatened, and nobody threatened to run them over with a cloud car or push them off the Rainbow Bridge if they didn’t stick with their birth gender. And nobody asked if Take Care Bear used her Stare to initiate the operation, what led to the decision to change colors and genders, what other secrets Secret Bear was hiding, or if Surprise Bear needed a “coming out” party. Not one gender joke, snide remark or backhanded compliment uttered.
  • For the record, Funshine Bear is my favorite Care Bear.

  • Who has opinions about ebikes? Would you share them please?

  • I miss my Homestar Runner t-shirt.

  • My kids have no idea I’ve only known about Kate Bush for about as long as they have.

  • I like choosing “Three Amigos!” for family movie night.

  • In 2013, I wrote about my vasectomy for RVANews. rvanews.com/features/…

  • I like that my kids’ generation is going to do a better job than we’re doing.

  • I like looking at stars with my kid.

  • I like garlic bread.

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