• A picture of two very good boys for @jean.

  • I like the soundtrack from Sword & Sworcery quite a bit. It’s a great “doin‘ work“ album.

  • I have conquered Metroid Dread in hard mode. 💪

  • I like Ollie’s mask in Twitterrific for Mac.

  • 2 AM Yahtzee

    I’m working a 12-hour night shift for a major software go-live at work and I’ve got 4 hours left to go. I’ve passed through the initial sleepiness (largely aided by Diet Cokes) and am just passing the time. Fortunately (not to jinx it) it’s relatively quiet right now and there’s not a whole lot to be doing in this immediate moment.

    To keep my mind busy at times like these, I’ll play Yahtzee Optimizer over and over again, trying not to get a high score, but to make the optimal choices on each roll and scoring. I’ll check myself as I go and if I get too far off of optimal (usually more than 3 suboptimal choices) I’ll just start over. Probably one game in twenty I’ll match the computer’s ideal.

    I’m probably ruined from playing the game in real life. I sometimes play a game into my mental muscle memory and become less fun to play with as I’ve got different goals from everyone else. I’m just looking for little hits of dopamine and games like Yahtzee or Cribbage are just the right amount. The good news is that these games are mostly luck and the difference between optimized play and unoptimized play is only a few points. It’s still anyone’s game.

  • If there were a Micro.blog pin for my bag, I’d totally buy one.

  • I like using my 2021 iPhone as a flashlight so as to better play games on my 2001 Game Boy Advance.

  • I like tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

  • I like defiantly using macOS in places I’m supposed to use Windows.

  • I like refusing to drive over the speed limit.

  • I like my pins.

    A North Face Borealis backpack covered in a variety of pins including ATP, MBMBAM, BBEdit and Critical Role.

  • I like using my hands as a cup to drink cold water from the faucet after brushing my teeth with a minty toothpaste.

  • I like this stand that turns my Apple Watch into a Macintosh.

    An apple watch with a pride armband is in clock mode in a stand that looks like an original Macintosh.

  • I like starting my day watching then sharing the SNL sketch, “Roundball Rock.“

  • Backlit screens? We don’t need no backlit screens.

  • I like energizing my kid with Van Halen’s 1984 on the way to his climbing practice.

  • A thing that I like is the duet part of Defying Gravity where Glinda and Elphaba are slightly dissonant, symbolizing that they aren’t going to come together in that moment.

  • Honest and open multigenerational conversations about mental health are a thing that I like.

  • Buying brand name over-the-counter medication is a thing that I like, even if it’s for no rational reason.

  • I like to remind myself that “tiny” Mario is the human-sized Mario and goombas are at least 5 ft (1.5 m) tall.

  • Gently waking up my 11 year old on a school day is a thing that I like.

  • I’m the only one here

  • This fabulous Mac calendar was a gift from @jeffmueller and it’s so great I don’t care that it’s only November.

  • I feel anger that during an epidemic of trans kids attempting to take their own lives, my Governor-elect seems to care more about where these children are allowed to pee.

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