I sidecar[1] a ton of TV shows during my work day. While I work , the iPad next to my computer plays through seasons of TV shows. Some I’ve already seen, others that are new for me. It helps me to get work done to have something going on in the periphery.

I’ve been working my way through “New Girl” and it’s delightful. I love the characters, the recurring quirks, the laugh-out-loud gags, and the little easter eggs for regulars. I care about the characters and I want the best for all of them.

Schmitt is the best character. He literally has a douchebag jar, but you root for him. He’s so kind and caring, he just doesn’t have a clue. Through flashbacks, we see how Schmitt used to be overweight (the actor wears a fat suit). Unlike, say, a Monica fat suit, where the butt of the joke is that the character is fat, fat-suit Schmitt is never played as anything but a caring nice person. The joke is that people treated Schmitt like garbage when he was overweight and made the Schmitt we know. Everything douchey about Schmitt is a direct result of his naive attempt at understanding how to be the person he thinks he should be.

We root for Schmitt to learn how to be the good man we already know he is.

  1. Work on a laptop with an iPad streaming Netflix next to me.  ↩