Today I wrote an email to the creators of The Thomas Jefferson Hour, one of my favorite podcasts. My letter below:

Dear Citizens,

I cannot tell you what it means to listen to your show as a Richmonder. I spend my workdays moving between two offices in Downtown Richmond. 

I leave the first office, see a plaque commemorating it as the place where the first Virginia Constitution was ratified, and listen your episode on Thomas Jefferson’s critique of it in Notes on the State of Virginia. I walk down the hill to the other office, through the Virginia Capitol grounds, and listen to your episode on Thomas Jefferson and architecture. I walk to get some lunch, pass the First Freedom Center Monument marking where the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom was signed into law, and eagerly await your 101-series episode on that important part of Jefferson’s life.

I don’t know why it took me so long to recognize the importance of your show in my life, but today I joined the 1776 club to express my support financially. Thank you for doing such great work and sharing it with the world.


Sam Davies